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About Landau & Company Marketing Services


An Advertising and

Marketing Consultancy

in Tucson, Arizona

Getting results through highly targeted advertising plans.

Landau & Company Marketing Services specializes in a very different type of advertising agency "partnership" approach with each client. Steve Landau, owner and president, has over 35 years of marketing and retail experience and spent 18 years in broadcast advertising. Steve has learned the best and not so best practices from many local and national advertising agencies and has developed his client-centered approach to benefit each client business to the utmost degree.


In 2004, Landau & Company opened with the promise to serve all of their clients as a partner, employee and consultant to create customer focused "how do you make my life better" advertising programs. For this to work for your business, it is imperative that your ownership, management and staff join with us in understanding exactly what your customers need and thereby creating an on-point message that is strategic and tactical. After all, in almost all cases, it is the ownership that has the expertise in their industry. Landau & Company has the expertise in marketing. Together we learn from each other. Partnering in strategies, tactics and idea creation is the key to success. It limits risks with your valuable advertising dollars of.


Wouldn't you want to be part of the process, rather than having someone tell you how to spend your precious money? If this makes smart sense to you, then partnering with Landau & Company will be the right move for you and your business. Steve Landau is ready for a complimentary consultation with your business.

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Saving your time and money. Two things nobody likes to waste.

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