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Advertising Done Properly. 

Partnering with your business to make smart, cost-effective choices with your valuable advertising dollars.

Landau & Company
Marketing Services

Landau & Company Marketing Services of Tucson, Arizona, is a full-service advertising agency, specializing in a very different type of advertising agency "partnership" approach with  all of its clients.  Steve Landau, owner and president, has over 33 years of advertising and retail experience and spent 18 years in broadcast advertising.  Over this time, Steve has developed his client-centered approach to benefit your business to the utmost degree, which include a high-level of business consulting to go along with business marketing.


In 2004, Landau & Company opened with the promise to serve all of their clients as a partner, employee and consultant to create customer focused on speaking to past, present, and future customers by asking the question: "How do you make my life better?" so that we can address valuable advertising messages most effectively and for optimal response.  For this approach to work for your business, it is imperative that your ownership, management and staff join with us in understanding exactly what your customers need and thereby creating an on-point message that is strategic and tactical.



Everything you could possibly need & more. Everything is included in your Landau & Company Service Contract**. Even better, the majority of our services fees are offset by the reduced advertising costs you will experience from our advertising agency status.  It's like having a valuable employee with no salary!  Call us for more details.

Learn more about our services.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can grow your business revenues, please use our contact us form or, better yet, be old-fashioned and call us today at 520-797-7867.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

**Added fees for graphic design, search optimization, pay-per-click, professional photography and videography.



"Our team at Flame Connection has been working with Landau & Company for a decade now and we appreciate the consistent dedication and effort that Steve has given us over the years. Steve has helped with our annual marketing and planning efforts, helped provide our business with a new and refreshed website & creative social marketing posts. Steve has been loyal, consistent and thorough. I'm glad Steve is part of the team and would recommend him to other local businesses."

Mike James​​
Flame Connection

"Landau & Company Marketing Services is hands down the best marketing agency in town. Steve is extremely creative, open minded, professional, personable, and he wants what’s best for his clients. Highly recommend!"

Rob Wilson​​
Flame Connection

"Steve has handled my marketing for over a year now. He has helped me navigate the world or social media and web marketing. We have enjoyed an increase in leads..."

Jason Richards​​
Southwest Greens of Tucson

"I couldn't be more satisfied in Steve's work. He has given us many great ideas in marketing our company and it shows with the jobs we have received with his help."

Dave Finks​​
Southwest Greens of the Valley

"We have worked with Landau & Company for many years. Steve has assisted our business with establishing a strong online presence, an attractive and intuitive website..."

Kira Niccum Pritzl​​
Sonoran Gardens Landscape and Design


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